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FAQ – How do I study on my smartphone?

You can either access our mobile-improved web app via your smartphone’s browser or download the free mobile app for iOS, Android, or Windows.

During your study sessions on the smartphone, the learning progress is displayed and saved the same way as on your desktop PC. This enables you to continue learning on all devices exactly where you stopped before.

Studying online via browser
Simply enter card2brain into the address field of your browser and benefit from the entire range of features of the web app on your smartphone.

But be careful: Depending on your mobile telephone service provider and the type of your contract, mobile surfing can result in high costs.

Studying offline with the mobile app
With the free mobile app for iOS, Android and Windows, you can take along your own flashcards and those of other users on your smartphone. You can study inexpensively offline and save your learning progress for the next session at any time.

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